Tuesday, February 21, 2012

WARNING: This one is a bit opinionated

I have sat back and watched enough stupidity. I want to vent a minute, I apologize if I offend anyone, but opinions are sometimes offensive. I don't really want to start a debate, I just want to put my view out there.

First, it is incredibly sad and tragic that a singer the magnitude of Whitney Houston died recently. That being said, is anyone incredibly shocked? She had struggled with addiction for years, and it appears that the addiction got the best of her both in life and in death. I don't know nor do I care what the details of her death are, I just know that she lead a very difficult life living with addiction, and this must have contributed to her body's final battle. I do not believe that we should be callous to those who battle addiction, I am just not shocked when it overtakes someone. I think it is time to truly lay her to rest and remember the contributions she made to the music industry. It is difficult to grieve with someone constantly bringing up a loss and I imagine her family feels this as well. Let them grieve and come to terms with her passing without making it a public forum.

Second, I have noticed much debate about abortion and birth control. I will not touch on birth control as it is a personal choice, and for some a religious choice. I would like to say that in the arena of abortion I do believe it is a sin and it is murder. I also believe that this is a PERSONAL belief and is likely fueled by my own struggle with infertility. I do understand that sometimes there is a medical necessity, and this is not the area of which I am referring. I mean those who use it as birth control. I don't think I am qualified to make decisions for other people and believe that whatever their sins they will pay for them, not me. People have to make the decision they believe is best for them and their families, and I am not one to tell them they can't. I don't think making it illegal will stop it. Look at drug use, murder and any other crime. Making something a crime does not prevent it per se.

Third, homosexual marriage. Who cares who marries who? I don't really know if homosexuality is a sin or not, but again, if it is, it is not one I will answer for. I believe the marriage debate is a religious one and therefore, does not belong in a political arena. The marriage debate is very religiously charged, and if we make this illegal, I feel it is the government dictating religious belief. While marriage has traditionally been male/ female, haven't the heterosexuals screwed it up enough? Can the homosexual population really do that much to screw up marriage in ways heterosexual couples haven't already done? Heterosexuals cheat, abuse, lie, walk away, and in general don't take the vows seriously. I don't mean the general population, I just mean the general break up of marriages. I myself am guilty of some of these in my own failed marriage. What are we afraid of? They will do it better than we did? That is ludicrous. They are human too, there will be marriages that last, and those that do not. I say do not make it illegal, make it harder to divorce, obtain a marriage certificate, etc. for ALL who apply. Marriage is traditionally a religious matter, and the government needs to step away from this debate. Someone with power needs to understand that preventing marriage between ANY two people creates a scenario that denies one or more people a right, which is not allowable under the constitution. Like it or not, that is the truth!

I again apologize if I offended anyone, but it is my opinion. Many people offend me on a daily basis with their opinions, so I guess I have to say take it for what it is, the opinion of one person.

God bless!