Sunday, March 18, 2012

Summers with Martin: A tribute to Martin Dickerson

My heart is saddened by the news of the death of an old friend. I do not have confirmation, but, it seems he may have taken his own life, or done something that caused his own death. Hearing the news brought back many memories of Martin, all of them surrounded by summer and my swimming pool. My sister was dating Ron, Martin's friend. They would come over and swim, eat our food, and just hang out.

I was not always excited that Ron was coming over, but Martin made it a little more bearable. I never had a crush on him, but it meant someone closer to my own age, and Martin made me feel like I was part of the group. I remember listening to Beatles songs and Martin doing the CHUH CHUH in Hello, Goodbye or singing I am the Walrus. I don't know why those memories are there, but they are.

I also remember Ron and Martin waking my dad when they were jumping off the top deck into the pool, and if you knew me when I had a pool, you know it was only 4 feet deep. I remember enjoying summers with someone to talk to and hang out with. I also remember having "boyfriends" that were jealous that I would spend days swimming with "other guys". Sometimes Jon and David Peele would come, as would Marcus. Primarily, it was Ron and Martin. I cannot think of one without remembering the other, and summers wouldn't have been the same without them.

I also remember Martin being happy and smiling ALL the time. It makes me sad to think that one of two things is true: Either that smile was fake and hiding a great deal of pain, or something happened to take that smile away. As I said before, there was never a crush, he just wasn't my type, but I remember he had a great smile. I think more than anything I am saddened that I will never again see that smile, or hear that laugh. We haven't been in touch in years, and I am saddened by that as well.

Losing touch with Martin brings me to a request, please find the people that give you your smile. Tell them they are meaningful parts of your life. Tell people you love them, even if it is only a friendship. Don't lose anyone else without them knowing they are important in your life or in your history. RIP Martin. I will always remember you fondly.