Wednesday, March 22, 2017

World Down Syndrome Day

As many of you know, my Lillie has Trisomy 21 or Down syndrome. I can tell you why it is written the way it is if you only ask, but I don't want to focus on that in this post.

Yesterday, 3/21, we celebrated World Down Syndrome Day. We did a few things to celebrate.
1. We wore silly socks! Mine had Yoda and Lillie's were mismatched and cute. Everett's were mismatched Star Wars®, and Reid's were neon blue and green. I have pictures of Lillie's and of mine. I will put all pics at the bottom!
2. We went to the Down Syndrome Advocacy Day at the NC General Assembly in Raleigh. #321NCGA #MyVoiceMyCommunity #TDSN Let me say, Lillie is well on her way to being a politician. She waved and smiled and laughed at the politicians, their assistants, and anyone looking her way. Maybe she will be the world's most powerful lobbyist. (Only if she lobbies for the best things). She even got to take a picture with Senator Jerry Tillman of Randolph and Moore Counties. Senator Tillman represents our area. He even put her picture in his weekly newsletter. (That picture will be at the end too!)
3. After a baseball game (TMSA Middle School Tigers) we went to McAlister's at New Garden (Highwoods Blvd) for dinner because they were offering a donation to the DSNGG for diners with a flier. Dinner was great. 

I want to teach Lillie to be a self-advocate. Don't worry what the world thinks of you. Teach the world how to think of you. I know she is just 15 months old, but she is absolutely AMAZING. She's meeting more milestones that we expected and she is the perfect Lillie for us! One day she will know!