Monday, April 23, 2018

Logical Fallacies- Black or White

This logical fallacy seems to be a favorite on Facebook. It is also one of the dumbest arguments I see. Rarely is anything cut and dry, black and white. Just because I believe in one thing, doesn't mean I can't acknowledge belief in something else. Just because I like purple, doesn't mean I hate green. Two things can occur simultaneously. Not all liberals believe in banning weapons. Actually, very few people believe in an all out ban on firearms. Not all conservatives believe that everyone should be armed. Some actually believe in gun laws that work. Also, just because one has a conservative belief, doesn't mean that they are conservative in all their beliefs, nor vice versa.

This meme keeps going around:

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Which irritates me either way. First, not all liberals believe in not owning guns, and higher taxes. I know more liberal gun owners than people obviously think. I also know more "conservative" potheads than not. Actually, most of the people trying to push for legalizing Marijuana on my social media networks are ultraconservative, anti-abortion, pro-gun, self-proclaimed rednecks. I rarely see middle of the road people advocating for any of this. Belief in one of these things doesn't make on completely liberal or conservative. Most of us have both liberal and conservative beliefs. The world is not black and white. Stop putting people in categories and trying to piss one another off, and actually start listening. Some conservatives have good ideas, and some liberals do too!

Very few things are cut and dry. People aren't entirely liberal or conservative a lot of the times.

Theft is wrong. Starvation is also wrong. There is a grey area where people sometimes justify theft because the thief was starving and was desperate. Others see theft as always wrong. The world is full of grey. Not everything is one or the other. I love George Jones. I also love Eazy-E. I cannot discount one genre of music because I prefer another. Each has its own merit. The world isn't black and white.

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