Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Blog Day 4 Diet Day 1

By the time I finish writing this I will have blogged all of four times! Oooohhhh 4. But today is the first day of my IC diet. I have done pretty ok. I have been preparing for this for a little while and cutting back on the caffeine in hopes that I could avoid the headaches. I think it has worked. I did fine with the lack of caffeine it is the lack of sweets that is getting to me today. I really want something sweet. I did eat some vanilla ice cream, but I love my chocolate.

I had peanut butter on white bread and tortilla chips for lunch, which is pretty typical for me anyway. I made chicken with couscous and zucchini and yellow peppers for dinner. I flavored everything I could with garlic, since it is one of the few seasonings I can have. It was pretty good. No one really complained, although my sister made rice for those who wouldn't eat the couscous (more for me!).

The key to this diet will be to make sure I flavor everything really well. I am still in pain today, but my bladder will not be rid of all the triggers over night. I am going to do this until I can feel good for a few days then start adding back the not great foods and finally slowly add back the CAUTION foods. I think I can do the diet because it isn't forever, and it will help me be more conscious of the foods I eat. Maybe I won't eat as many of the caution foods together after this. One day down!

For anyone reading my blog, my friend Carl has declared the first Thursday of each month as Comment Day. Go comment on your friends blogs, or friends of friends, etc. Happy Reading!!!!

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  1. Good luck, Marie! And thanks for the Comment Day shout out. There will be a link to your blog on mine tomorrow!