Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Grow up!

This is where my ranting and venting takes place. I am sick of seeing people who talk about family, but the constantly leave parts of that family out.

This is not a personal occurrence, rather something I have seen time and again. I see people posting on Facebook about family and standing by each other, etc. yet when someone in the family is struggling, they offer no assistance. I have seen one person talk constantly about her family, her best friend (who is male) and other people, but rarely mentions her husband. His grandmother was recently in the hospital and she rated NO mention, however, her male friend's business got daily posts. She used to post about snuggling her hubby everyday, now acts as though he doesn't exist. Maybe this is because they are having problems, etc. but shouldn't a prayer request be sent out for his family. I sent out a prayer request for the family and I am not even part of the family. I used to be and let me say, there are MANY reasons not to want to associate with some of the family members, but be human, pray for each other.

She is not the only one I have seen do this. I have seen 30+ year old women argue like teenagers on FB and they are sisters. I have seen multiple family members stab each other in the back and broadcast it on Facebook. GROW UP.

There was even an issue where family members did not notify another about a death in the family. REALLY!? There are a few people I would rather not communicate with, but I would not keep that kind of info from someone, no matter how I felt about them!

I do not get along with all of my family members, but that is private. I have my fair share of family issues, but if one of my family members needed me I wouldn't turn my back on them. I would do what I could to help, even if it was simply a prayer. Am I alone in feeling this way? Isn't that what family should be?

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