Thursday, April 12, 2012

I suppose I can be hurt by inaccurate accusations

I attended the funeral for my son's great grandmother yesterday. I was trying to show support for my son, and well got slapped in the face for it. I was accused of saying something that I did not say, and the things I did say got twisted. See people "overheard" a conversation and assumed it was directed at my ex-husband. Well, what I said about "Big ole" tears was not related to HIM at all. It was related to a mutual friend of the person I was speaking to. I have said many times that the reason Chris is being so difficult is because he IS hurting and sad. I have also said grief doesn't give someone the license to be mean to another person, but NEVER that the hurt was fake. I will admit on several occasions I have said he is superficial, which he is, but he hurts too, and that is almost NEVER superficial with him.

Other things were said that I apparently said, and well, they were condensed and put into someone elses words and what I actually said got twisted. I would never disrespect a person's grief or time of grief in that way. I answered some questions about why he was mad and clarified some of the things he has said to me, but NEVER once said he didn't take care of Reid. What I did say was I was doing my best to take care of him and that he had issue with certain things that were out of my control. I cited examples of what I had done, but never said he did anything. When asked about the child support thing, I did answer that he thought he didn't have to pay because of 50/50 time, but I keep getting Reid when it isn't his time, then when I have plans I get accused of not wanting my child with me. I have cited that Reid can be with me anytime, because there is NOTHING I do that he cannot be present. I don't need time to go to the movies/ out partying/ etc. without my son.

Nonetheless, I should have acted dumb, and said "I have no idea why he is mad" and I should have answered the question about the other friend differently. If I had known my words would get so twisted, I would have.

What hurts the most is that some people have NOTHING better to do than to cause drama at a funeral. People need to get a life. If they heard part of the conversation and thought I said those things, why not confront ME? Why wait and take it to someone who is hurting? I guess some people don't think they need to do the right thing, they feel the need for the DRAMATIC.

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